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Size Guide
Framed Art Print Size Guide
 Paper Size
Minimum Border Width
Minimum Matt Width
A 20x25cm (8x10") 2.5cm (1") 2.5cm (1")
B 28x35cm (11x14") 2.5cm (1") 3.75cm (1.5")
C 30x40cm (12x16")
2.5cm (1")
3.75cm (1.5")
D 40x50cm (16x20")
3.75cm (1.5")
5cm (2")
E 50x70cm (20x28")
3.75cm (1.5")
5cm (2")
F 70x100cm (28x40")
5cm (2")
6.25cm (2.5")


Framed Print Size Guide  

 Paper Size
Border Width
Matt Width
A 20x20cm (8x8") 2.5cm (1") 2.5cm (1")
B 25x25cm (10x10") 2.5cm (1") 3.75cm (1.5")
C 30x30cm (12x12")
2.5cm (1")
3.75cm (1.5")
D 40x40cm (16x16")
3.75cm (1.5")
5cm (2")
E 50x50cm (20x20")
3.75cm (1.5")
5cm (2")
F 70x70cm (28x28")
5cm (2")
6.25cm (2.5")